2021/22 Junior Local Competition

2021/22 Junior Local Competition


2021/22 CBBA Junior Local Competition: 

  • CBBA 2021/22 Local Competition starts on the 15th November 2021.
  • 12 week regular season with a three week final fixture.
  • Christmas break: 18th December 2021 – 31st January 2022
  • Semi Finals: week of – 21st March 2022
  • Finals: week of – 28th March 2022
  • Grand Finals: week of – 4th April 2022
New players can join teams until 3rd December 2021 (conclusion of week three of competition). 

Age Groups: 

  • U12s
  • U14s (Division 1 and 2)
  • U16s (Division 1 and 2)
  • U18s (Division 1 and 2)


Club Contacts: 

Sydney Huskies admin@sydneyhuskies.com
Sydney Dragons cpangan@internode.on.net
FAB Star terrance@fabstar.com.au
Savannah Pride mayor@savannahpride.com.au
Homegrown Royals cromwell.alvarez@homegrownbasketball.com.au
Sydney Warriors sydneywarriorsbasketball@gmail.com
Rivals Basketball rivalssydney@gmail.com
If you are looking to play in the Local Junior Competition – please contact any of the clubs listed above and they will be more than happy to help you find a team to play in. Every CBBA Junior Club have great volunteers that are committed to helping kids participate in sport and develop their basketball skills. 
Questions to ask our clubs: 
  • Cost of playing?
  • Training nights?
  • Training venues?
  • What age groups does the club offer?


Please note that not all clubs offer every age group, so please feel free to contact all our clubs to see what they offer.

Looking to enter a Team? 

We would love to have more teams enter our competition! If you have a team/teams that you would like to enter into the CBBA Junior Local Competition – please send your details to competitions@blacktownbasketball.com. 
Please outline: 
  • Team/Club Name 
  • Team/Club Manager Name 
  • Team/ Club Manager Phone and Email Contact information
  • List of amount of teams
  • Age group of each listed team
  • Any questions regarding the competition

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