2022 MiniBall Competition


CBBA have always been committed to developing our local athletes at all different age levels, this program has been developed to introduce our younger players to the great game of Basketball!

MiniBall will be run for eight (8) weeks each term. There are four (4) programs per year. Participants must be under the age of nine-years-old for the entirety of the program to be eligible to participate.

Where: Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope

When: Starting – 27th July 2022 (8 weeks)

Time: 6:00pm (1 hour Session)

What is MiniBall?

MiniBall is an Under 10’s Basketball competition that has modified rules introduced to help these players understand the foundational rules that make basketball great. The overall idea of MiniBall is to help our players get used to what basketball games are going to look like when they join the CBBA Junior Local Competition. MiniBall is an integral part of CBBA’s development program and is the feeder program into our Junior Local Competition. For more information on our Junior Local Competition please visit: https://blacktownbasketball.com.au/2022-cbba-winter-competition/

Main Objectives of MiniBall

1. FUN: the first and most important aspect of MiniBall is that all participants have fun!

2. PARTICIPATION: CBBA are committed to increasing sport participation in the Blacktown City area.

3. LEARNING: MiniBall will help participants not only learn about basketball but other qualities such as leadership, teamwork and more!

CBBA MiniBall Term 3 Cost:

New Players


Includes: MiniBall Program Fee and MiniBall Singlet Fee.

Returning Players


Includes: MiniBall Program Fee.


For further information please email: info@blacktownbasketball.com

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