BNSW/CBBA Secondary Registration

Secondary registration is for players that currently hold a valid PRIMARY BNSW membership with a basketball association THAT IS NOT CBBA.

Secondary registration is a flat fee of $50.00. This payment covers your affiliation and will allow you to participate in CBBA Programs (Local Competition, MiniBall etc.).

Your Secondary Membership will expire on your current (primary) membership expiry date RATHER than in 365 days.

Please see below for registration instructions.

Players Who have Primary Membership at any Association OTHER THAN HILLS BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION:

If you are having issues with this registration form, please contact:

Players Who have Primary Membership at HILLS BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION:

Please follow these steps:

1. Complete Registration Form

2. Send $50.00 to CBBA Bank Account

Please send the $50.00 affiliation fee to the CBBA bank account. Please contact

3. Hills Membership Proof

Please send your Hills Membership receipt to

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